#13 Brand New Day- Kodaline

I’ll be flicking stones at your window
I’ll be waiting outside ’til you’re ready to go
Won’t you come down? Come away with me
Just think of all the places we could be
I’ll be waiting, waiting on a brand new day

Riding on waves, walking on sand

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#3 对的时刻 | 何沛萱

詞 / 張國祥 | 曲 / Eunice Hoo 何沛璇 | 編曲 / Jamie Wilson | 製作人 / 陳溫法(音樂有想法 musicIDeas)

冰凍的Latte 心不對味
誰錯過了陽光明媚 愛情的滋味?

曼陀林天南地北 我的心對了位
蔚藍的天空 憂鬱紛飛

Maybe some other time
海天一色 相對無言

對的時刻非你不可 牽掛的只有一個
兩個人想說的事 留到下一次

溫熱的咖啡 苦澀的滋味
我在回味 你的氣味 呼吸也甜美

你說話吧 我正在聆聽 但欲言又止
時機已過  要說的沒說 對的人 
對的時刻 等下一次

Maybe some other time
We could stroll along the beach
And lose ourselves without a care
In somewhere out of reach
I hope by the time we meet again
I’ll be rid of this leech
That’s pulling me back in a chain
Ripping the life out of me

我和你相愛的事 就在下一次
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